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Online Collector's map


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1 hour ago, Antonia said:

I found on the net this sick online collector's map thats cycling between days and collectibles. Also you can activate and deactivate collectibles from the menu left of the clock and also it shows treasure map locations as well as Madam Nazar's daily location. Cheers.


I use it along with this page, 

If you use this master page to see each collectible category and open a seperate page for the collectible group you need to get, then pause the video, scroll down to "show more" and look at the three lists, ie: day 1, 2, and 3

you can then click on the exact item on the correct day to go right to that item on the video, not only does it show the location, but then a short 10 second video of a person actually getting that collectible so you know the nuances of where each item actually is.

Together these too tools have made me tens of thousands of dollars just with collectibles.

Today I bought a few extra saddles for no reason really, I just did, I am out of things to buy, and have just under $15000.00 in cash, mostly from collectibles.

I make $500 to $750 a day from the trader, plus hunting, plus dynamic events and things I loot, etc.. plus another $1000.00 to $4000.00 a day from collectibles.

If you have both the map and the video page, you can easily locate all the items you are missing from each collection and then sell your collections full.

Too many people are selling just items, and when you are new and lower level, I get it, but as soon as you can, just chill and build them up, once you get them all set up, you will have a constant stream of cash just from collecting.

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