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Current Objective Online?


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I thought this could be a cool thread for those who play online actively. See what everyone is up to and what not. I take long breaks and come back to the game. I missed out on some fun events, I know but that is the price you pay being an adult and needing to work 😒

Anyways, what are you currently working on online? 

I'm working on getting some cash and leveling up to 100. I am close thanks to that last update. Seems super easy now, not that it was ever very hard to begin with. 

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Maxed out all roles, ability cards, bought all i need/want. 

Currently logging in for daily quests , 5* legendary bounty and some pvp games.     

My goal for now is to get to lvl 300 and stack as much gold bars as possible. Im at 340 GB and rank 239 atm. 

W8 ting for another update really and just enjoying the game world. Trying very hard not to grief ppl out of boredom..... 

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