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What is a "hot fix"?


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So rockstar DID give me $625 for my lost wagon.  I updated the post "5 large wagons stolen by rockstar" with the email from rockstar customer support.  

In it she said the issue (disconnect and lose your whole wagon I assume) has been hot fixed. 

I don't speak coding, do you suppose hot fix means we won't lose an entire wagon if disconnected anymore?

Thought I would add the email in this thread so people could see what I'm talking about without having to go to another thread. 


Marie R. (Rockstar Support)

Nov 6, 14:01 EST

Hello Freakshow9191,

Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.

We would like to inform you that this issue has now been hot fixed. However, for the inconvenience, I have added RDO$ 625 to your account.

You would be able to see the added funds to your account once you log into your RDR Online account.

I hope I was able to resolve your issue appropriately.

If you ever need assistance in the future, please feel free to contact us. Just remember, we are always an email away if you need help.

Best regards,

Marie R.
Rockstar Support

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