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Multiple Mission Fails


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What on earth is going on with this game i can not progress in this game because the mission (Where your hat lays) or something like that an early mission, keeps disconnecting every time (5 times in a row) we return the prisoner to the police. this is unacceptable. I payed $100 for this game for Rockstar to provide a service and the service is broken. FIX THIS sh*t PLEASE. Same crap goes on with the PS 4 disconnecting every 5 FKN minutes. 

ATTEMPTED THIS MISSION FOR THE 6TH TIME DISCONNECTED AGAIN SAME UNHELPFUL MESSAGE, @Rockstar #Rockstar Could you credit my account with a completion of this mission (If the hat fits)  I CAN NOT PROGRESS THE GAME. "FRUSTRATED CUSTOMER"

After 15 attempts to do a bounty mission because its almost impossible to hit any thing with a gun moving on a horse with 5 enemys shooting at you and in this game you die pretty fast. then getting disconnected AGAIN with the same ERROR (0x2100200) OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, is getting beyound the joke.


7th attempt at If the hat fits early mission.... DISCONNECTED AGAIN...(0X2100201).....??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? wtf.


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