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RDR2 for PC launcher issues


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This is aimed at people who can't get the game to run on windows 10 pc.

1. If you already tried everything from the internet including what Rockstarhas put out for a fix for this like I did and still can't get RDR2 to run than you need to try this, as I did it my self and it worked for me after countless hours trying to get the game to run.

2. If you already have the social club and the game launcher installed you need to uninstall both of them (not the game it's self). If you have something like ccleaner then run it and clear your invalid registry entries.

3. Go to windows update and check for any updates and update all!., next update your graphics driver to the latest one AMD or Nvidia.

4. Reboot your system  and disable your antivirus software or if you don't have one and are just using the built in windows security then you need  to disable real time scanning in your windows security.

4. Launch the game ( in my case using Epic game launcher) the game will reinstall Rockstar social club and the Rockstar game luncher.

5. That should fix the game launching issue.

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