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  1. I am not bothered by it so much until I decide to change my weapon in the same slot. I end up having to go through too many options to find the one I want.
  2. I never really messed with the visual settings myself. I just played the game what it set it to by default. I know a lot of people switch back and forth between different views but I couldn't tell you how.
  3. Of all the survivalist challenges, this is the one that took me forever to do. I actually hated it but I wanted to complete it to move on.
  4. I think this is happening to me. Never had an issue before but just felt a bit down lately. It is hard to explain. Not full blown depression or anything but I struggle to stay in a positive mindset.
  5. I don't really drink. I mean I do but most of the time I can't be bothered to buy it myself. I sometimes end up having a beer or something similar at a friends now and again but I seldom get out these days.
  6. I won't be holding my breath for fast updates, no matter what this is telling us. I feel like Rockstar's track record for fixing things quickly is not good anymore, not that it has ever been all that great. We might not see a major update until March or even April. Never know with them. It sucks but not much we can do but wait.
  7. I thought the same thing. I know the game isn't always obvious but certain things seem like they would obviously be something and they end up being pointless. I don't get it.
  8. KoiiBoii

    EA Access

    I'll say it, I hate EA. They ruined so many games for me over the years I don't intend on ever giving them money again. And soon to join them is Blizzard. I am terrified what the next Doom game will end up being now.
  9. If they end up only focusing on GTA for the future, given what they make on those games, I couldn't blame them. Maybe it would be a good idea for Rockstar to only be a one game dev company. I mean it seems like they have had nothing but struggles juggling both RDR2 and GTA V. As much as I loved RDR and RDR2, if shelving them means their future GTA games will be well improved, I think it would be worth it.
  10. Ayy I have family in Missouri. Weather giving you hell? Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here man. If you need help with anything, just ask.
  11. I have never been able to sell big fish either so if it is a bug, it was a bug I had as well. I can't seem to find any information on this either.
  12. I know there are other people out there having this issue so you aren't alone which is a good thing, this means Rockstar should be working on a fix for it.
  13. SAME! I hated doing these. For some reason, I had to be so precise with these kills or they didn't count too.
  14. I honestly had no idea this was an option. I remember seeing someone mention it on Reddit or in YouTube comments, can't remember where, but they said you can't control the train so I never bothered with it.
  15. My sister does. I will have to tell her. She is a big Tombstone fan as well. I am not sure if she heard about this or not but I am guessing if she did, she would have told me about it. She ended up giving me one as a gift for Christmas. It's Deadpool holding a turkey. Opened it and put it on my desk. When she came over a few weeks ago she lost it because I opened it lol
  16. People forget everything quickly. If Trump doesn't win, give it 2 years and they will forget everything he's done the last 4 years.
  17. Yeah I don't want a GTA in the UK... No offense or anything to anyone. It just sounds silly. GTA is meant to be an all American sh*t show. lol
  18. Certain actions don't need to happen but reveal hidden content. Sometimes you get something for it, other times you just see something that adds to the story/mission.
  19. I never had an issue with her showing up. The only thing I can think of is what Jim said, that your game was saved on the wrong/a different file so it isn't registering as complete in the one you are playing on.
  20. So you ate the rabbit, went to sleep, woke up and now you have to make the bait? Do you have everything you need to craft it?
  21. Nah Rockstar doesn't care anymore. I see it happening from time to time. Sometimes I get randomly TP'd into a group of people doing it. The way money works is effectively like giving someone a cut of your business earnings. I don't think they can track and ban people for it even if they wanted to.
  22. I just ignore stuff like this. People been saying since 2016 Trump was going to start WW3. They first said it would happen by the end of 2017, then by the end of 2018, then by the end of 2019... Here we are in 2020 and the closest thing he has done to starting a war is a fraction of what Bush and Obama did. It is hilarious to me how people forget how much Obama and Bush loved war and how much crap they did to other countries.
  23. I believe this is a setting somewhere I just can't remember what it is called or how to change it. Maybe someone else here can help. If all else fails, Ask Rockstar but it may take a week for them to get back to you.
  24. This is what has been happening to me now. I don't know what but instead of returning me to the same lobby or a populated one, I end up by myself. I don't know if this is down to the time of day/night I play the game for what. Rather annoying at times though.
  25. I never knew about the custom radio thing but I also didn't know people were having issues with the radio changing on them. Mine never seemed to 🤔 EDIT: @Parzivalyou are correct https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Self_Radio
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