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  1. Jingle All The Way deals with the insanity of shopping for Christmas. I don't count the others as Christmas films. I am a bit stubborn with what I classify into these kinds of genres though.
  2. I love this. They did a really good job on the snow fall. Looks realistic and adds beautiful details to some of the towns. I am hoping for the blizzard he talks about. Are you enjoying the holiday update?
  3. So when you are a lower level, you earn a lot less but as you level up in the craft, it becomes easier and you earn more? I only leveled up to 3 and gave up with it. lol
  4. Same for me. I know the basis of it and it is an action film that happens to have Christmas props. It could have happened at a Halloween party and nothing else would have changed in the story.
  5. There isn't an option. You either have to wait and see if it works or just manually close the game and try again. I sometimes have to wait 5 to 10 minutes on a load screen for going online but it does eventually work.
  6. For the heck of it, try putting the game in windowed format, so it isn't full screen. For some reason, some people are having issues running games full screen from the Rockstar launcher.
  7. I attempted them a few times and just end up getting killed over and over again. It is best to just avoid them for the time being and hope Rockstar sorts it out. Like Lucy mentioned, the train one seems to be fine and Flu made a good point about fishing events. You can just stick to those I suppose.
  8. I think the limit is 10 but I could be wrong. I have not really messed around with posses yet since there were a lot of issues with them being sorted out still.
  9. Whelp, I won't be getting that game. LOL I know you can do this stuff on computers, it is a no brainer but there are a lot of restrictions on consoles. I don't think they release this kind of stuff online to download anywhere either and even if they did, you would still have to download it and then burn it to a disc.
  10. Just use the catalogue and then head to the post office when you want to restock. It is a lot easier imo. The camp lock box seems a bit buggy for me so I don't even bother with it when it comes to ammo.
  11. I watched this one to find a few I missed. Not sure if this is what he meant or not:
  12. He attacks pretty fast once you approach him. I am not sure what happens if he kills you, but it only takes one hit. You might have to do all the steps over, I am not sure.
  13. Thought I would post an update. I was able to keep a camp running but it still seems to change location too often and it is a bit buggy. I am hoping the next big update fixed the darn things.
  14. Since I am a bit obsessed with them and finding the perfect one, I have to ask... What are your favorite horses in RDO?
  15. Really love the coat on the Kentucky Saddler. I have a cat who is all black with white paws and a white marking like that on her face. If I ever come across one, I shall name it after her (assuming it is a female).
  16. Oh sorry, I completely misunderstood you. You just aim your gun and click down the scroll wheel on the mouse.
  17. I found this to be inaccurate myself with how the reality of how this kind of bow should function. I do really enjoy using bows in the game but I don't use them for serious hunting because they have a tendency to not get a clean kill or muck up a perfect pelt as mentioned.
  18. If you want it now, you pay for it. That is how a lot of these games function. It is not a pay to win game but a pay to progress quicker game. This is not to say it takes a long time to stack up gold and supplies nor does it take forever to level. Once you get going, you will actually find it becomes too easy to level up.
  19. I haven't had much time to play online yet but I can tell you, I have not been able to set camp and have it stick. I know this was an issue on the console when online first started out in the beta testing phase. Maybe they overlooked something but it was very buggy for awhile on there too. Just give them some time to work it out.
  20. My friend had an issue with the launcher not recognizing he purchased and installed the game. He had to log out and log back in to fix it and it has been fine since so there is a fix for that if anyone is having a problem there.
  21. KoiiBoii

    Stutter "fix"

    I am using a controller and noticed this but it doesn't happen often enough to be bothersome. It would seem like it might be a keyboard control issues but seeing as I have had it happen whilst using a controller, just tells me Rockstar has a lot of fixin to do.
  22. I was able to use it in Chapter 1. Are you sure that you have your Dead Eye charge filled up?
  23. I don't understand why this is an issue for a lot of people. I thankfully didn't run into this but I have had other issues. I tried contacting Rockstar for a few of them but have yet to hear back. I wish I could be of more help here but I think Volt has the easiest solution for the time being. Just be sure to remember you changed this setting when they run an update!
  24. I tried finding this information for ya, but I can't seem to find it. I use a controller. I am basic like that. If it is an option, I go with it. Keyboard controls tend to feel more complex than needed. If I run across something with the info, I will let ya know.
  25. When a person CLEARLY has sidewalk to walk on and instead they just decide it is a great idea to walk on my lawn. I sound like an old man but I hate when people do this.
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