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PC looks amazing and its so much fun


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Hello everyone, 

Just wanted to share my experience so far with this game.

My system spec;

I7 4790K soon to be upgraded to i9 9900k

16 GB - soon to be 32GB

250 GB Evo SSD - soon to be Evo 970 Pro 1TB

GTX 1080Ti

Game runs smooth at 60 fps and it looks beautiful!

Please share your specs and experience so far.

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i7 6850K 6c/12t, 32GB 3200Mhz DDR4, Asus ROG RTX2080Ti OC, OS on Raid0 SSD, Game on NVMe Evo 1TB 970 PCI 3x4. Other Games on 2xIntel SSD 1TB Raid0, Other Storage Raid0 2xSSHD 3TB. 

Main Monitor Philips 43" 4K 

Second Monitor VOXICON 32" 1440p 

I run almost everything on Ultra except AA TAA Medium and Motion Blur OFF +I've added nvidia GFE Sharpening Filter.

Everything looks amazing in 4K with a big monitor and runs smooth around 45-55 FPS all the time, although I'm still on chapter 2 and haven't got to any big town yet.

Also tried the secondary monitor for higher FPS but 1440p didn't look that good, to grainy even if the FPS was higher it wasn't worth it for me, so switched back to main 4K monitor.

Any other game I would try to reach at least 60 fps but this game runs really good even on 30 FPS.

Had a few crashes, but mostly i can play a couple of hours before it happens. So i hope they'll fix that.

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Spectacular game! I've barely scratched the surface though. Been tweaking settings, eye-candy, etc. and running benches.

i9-9900k OCd
Vega 64 OCd
27" 1440p 144hz monitor

Question: Is the performance demand during the benchmark indicative of most (95% or so) of regular game-play? I want to get my performance down pat but don't want to waste time getting it set for the benchmark if 50% of the game-play is more demanding.



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