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Can I run rdr2?


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As mentioned, the game will run but you will have to turn down the graphics settings. The game is quite demanding. If you have not purchased it already and you are not sure about it being able to run, you can wait for the Steam release in December. They will refund you if the game doesn't run properly on your computer.

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2 hours ago, Fierceee said:

I'm getting a gtx 980  soon so how well can I run the game with that? 

My buddy has the 980Ti and at a resolution of 1080P you are good.

I play at 1440P with a 1080Ti 440mhz and it looks amazing!


Video cards are extremely over priced right now.

the RTX2080ti is $1,200.00 sold out have to pay like $1,400.00 and Ray tracing only works with a hand full of games. We used to pay $1,400.00 to build a system not too long ago.

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