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Bugs i've encountered.


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Fast travelling to camp to find the camp has vanished when you get there. WTF.
Camp vanishing after 5 mins of changing locations.
Crashing to desktop with a full load of hunting loot donating it to your butcher table, everything vanishing after 2 hrs of hard grind, WTF. (why doesn't auto save, save your progress when doing rolls). ???????
Choosing a bounty, bounty does not populate bounty board vanishing, i mean,,,,, REALLY ???????.
80% of crashes and disconnects  happen during menu interactions. (for me anyway) IE checking food supplies, browsing menu tabs, checking rolls status.
Random disconnections often.

More en counted bugs.

Heading to camp,, camp vanishes then unable to set up a new camp. clicking set up camp location 30 40 50 times before getting a result.

Heading to new camp camp vanishes then reapers elsewhere mark new camp,,,, Crash to desktop same multi-verse error 0X20010006

Lost 10 perfect pelts 1 perfect carcass,,,, GONE 1 hours grind GONE,,, POOF ,,, Awesome stuff. Give me more..

Camp vanished again Trade progress suffering,,,the grind is real.. 1 step forward 5 steps backwards..

10 mins  later........

get 3 perfect  and 2 good elk pelts back to camp,, THE HARD WAY,,,game crashes more ****ING TIME WASTED GRINDING AN ENDLESS VOID LOSING STREAK ALL IN ONE GAME SESSION.

WELL DONE ROCKSTAR I TIP MY HAT TO YOU........................................NOT.   SAME MULTI VERSE ERROR 0X20010006

Another bug pitching tent you get deducted $2.00 and your tent does not appear. so in essence the game robs you of $2.00.

Fast travelling to camp only to find half my camp in one place and the other half way across the map. IE butchers table tent  Cripp, not here.


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I would take what you can from the above post and piece it into several different messages to hit Rockstar with. I have been having issues too and I wish I would have waited to get the game. It has been pretty frustrating at times but I have been contacting Rockstar about every issue. Sometimes they respond, sometimes they don't but I have to think that they are at least reading all of them.

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