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A lone cowgirl


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Hey, I'm 'BelleStarr', named after the real outlaw, Belle Starr!

She married three times (I believe one was an outlaw) and had three children. She once beat her son for mistreating her horse. She would harbour fugitives and her illegal activities made her quite wealthy so she would use bribery to free them. She used to ride through towns randomly shooting off her pistols and was once imprisoned for a year though it didn't alter her behaviour. "Belle's unrepentant attitude was best expressed in a comment to a Dallas newspaper reporter: "I am a friend to any brave and gallant outlaw."" I think she had a thing for bad boys. ????

She was murdered in 1889. Her murder is unsolved, but they say she was shot four times from behind with her own shotgun.

"Belle Starr was buried on her ranch with a marble headstone on which was engraved a bell, her horse, a star and the epitaph written by her daughter Pearl which reads:

"Shed not for her the bitter tear,
Nor give the heart to vain regret;
'Tis but the casket that lies here,
The gem that filled it sparkles yet.""

I decided to name myself after her because I like her name, she led a literally wild lifestyle and she sounds nuts. It sounds like she was one of the boys and I feel that way when it comes to gaming and my love for Red Dead Redemption (any other cowgirls here?!).???? I completed the first game when I was around 15/16 years old - I believe it was the first game I'd completed up until that point, so there was something about it that got me hooked! It's one of the few games that provoked emotion and sometimes shock in me, whilst leaving a permanent mark in my memory (referring to that notorious 'Flowers for a Lady' mission). I think that says a lot about Rockstar and their incredible ability to produce excellent games and they deserve every success that comes their way!
 I am currently hooked on gathering any and all information on RDR2 and I have ended up getting myself very excited for it which is never a good idea, especially months before its release!????
Please tag me in new threads with new information. 

Anyway, I'm happy to have found this forum (I like the design too). Feel free to say hi below so I can get to know you all. Cya cowboys! 

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Well howdy, there cowgirl! 

That sounded better in my head and now that I typed it out, a part of me died a little. Anyways, welcome to the forum. If I happen to post anything worth viewing in terms of news or rumors, I will be sure to tag you. Hope you enjoy it here!

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