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Defensive mode


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Someone knows how defensive mode works ?

How much damage reduction do you get with it ?

I gues players can still kill you ?

Im a trader on pc and didnt find out obout the defensive mode till yesterday, turned it on right away.





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Defensive: gives you,

Low visibility on map

Something like an 80% damage reduction.  We tested it and my character took several shots to the face before dieing. 

People can't auto aim you or your horse. 

You can't auto aim on others either, unless, they damage you first. Then you can auto aim on them, but they still can't on you. Just make sure they strike you first. 

It will kick you out of defensive on missions that other players can steal. 

You will not see rival player missions you can steal while in defensive. 

PS: you can remain in defensive mode during a local delivery,  just not a distant one.  

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Here's a bit more on the topic of Defensive Mode from R*.  Some of it has been covered by @Freakshow9191.  

Defensive mode has been tweaked along the way and likely will be in the future but this along with Freak's post cover the major points about it:




As outlined in an earlier post previewing some of today’s additions, this update brings the option to choose how you interact with players inside the world of Red Dead Online, via Offensive and Defensive playing styles in the Player Menu.

The Offensive playing style is set as the default and is how most players traditionally interact in Free Roam – free to engage in hostile contact with other players if you are prepared to accept the potential consequences. 

The Defensive playing style is for those players who would rather explore the world in Free Roam than engage in conflict with others – and it’s designed to let other players know that you don’t want to tangle with them, as well as minimize opportunities for griefing. At the same time, Defensive players will not be alerted to PvP Free Roam missions and can not be pulled into them while in Defensive mode, allowing them to go about their business as freely as possible.

Players in Defensive mode will be indicated by a shield icon, will take reduced damage from enemy players, cannot be lassoed, melee attacked, executed or targeted with auto-aim. Defensive players will also be excluded from being targeted in PvP-related missions such as Player Assassination. Those who attack Defensive players receive hefty penalties via the Hostility system, while players who initiate conflict while in Defensive mode will be instantly pulled out of Defensive mode and also receive similar Hostility penalties.


Today’s updates also build on the player radar and visibility improvements introduced in February to create a smarter and more responsive approach to mitigating griefing behavior. The Hostility System tracks aggressive behavior across both Playing Styles, making hostile players visible to others and  helping to balance the needs of players who want to get away from others who habitually attack or kill during unstructured Free Roam gameplay. 

As before, player blips change color - beginning dark blue and transitioning to red as their hostile play persists. A bright red blip indicates an enemy. With today’s update, players will never receive Hostility or Bounty increases for defending themselves against a player who is blipped as an enemy, or for killing high Hostility players. If a player attacks another player, they will not be marked as an enemy to everyone - but rather to the attacked player only, who will not receive a penalty for firing back.

You can view your current Hostility level through the Player Menu. As you become more hostile, you become more visible on other player’s radars at longer distances and will respawn further and further away from your point of death – at the highest level of Hostility, you will respawn in a different region.

Hostility increases do not apply within structured events such as Free Roam Events, Free Roam Missions, Showdowns and Races. Engaging in PvP behaviors related to Free Roam missions will not incur Hostility increases while in the Offensive playing style, however attacking other players not engaged in the activity will cause your Hostility level to rise. 

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