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anyone found out already how to disable the damn unwanted and forced updates on PC?
the game was ok on release and every single stupid update makes it worst, also, all the updates ruin my settings. after every update i need to completely reconfigure the damn. i really love the game but i can't stand rockstar way of work. i already abandoned the multiplayer mode because it is unbearable, i just wan't to play the single player as released without updates and the settings saved.

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23 minutes ago, bluntTR4P said:

You might be able to keep this from happening using your protection software by blocking it but there is a good chance that Rockstar doesn't allow you to play the game until it is updated. I know that is the case on Origin and other launchers.

Fat chance. I tried this with GTA V and I couldn't play the game until it was updated. I have looked on the launcher and there doesn't seem to be an option, at least there wasn't back then. 

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