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Looking for a Posse (PS4)


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Hi Guys, I'm looking for a posse to join purely because I want to try this aspect of the game out.

About me -

  • Game ID is SIRG12345 (sorry first thing that came into my head when choosing a name)
  • Mainly online 4/5 day a week 21:00 - 01:00 GMT and more at weekends
  • Rank 86
  • First time playing any online game (so go easy)
  • 20 in Bounty Hunter, Collector and Trader
  • Prefer to use auto aim dual volcanics (sorry can't do manual aim, blame being old and new to Online)
  • Currently doing stranger missions and building my bank balance and wardrobe but getting bored.


I've done just about everything the game has to offer for now so just want to join others in whatever they want to do and have a laugh


Anyone want me ?

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