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changing or creating new character


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i started to play RDR2 online with a random female character, just to test it.

meanwhile i reached level 20 and i decided to model a better character and change it to a male.

i found out that i can change my character aspect and name for 400$ (i have it, it's no problem) but i couldn't figure out how to change it to male. i guess i'm not able to do it. so, i decided to create a new character and restart the game.

my doubts now is about all the gold bars i spent on the first character. if i start a new character will i keep my weapons, gold, and the 3 roles that i already paid in gold, or will rockstar just steal all my money and items?

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I am pretty sure that the change only deals with the gender you chose from out the gate. You would have to delete your character and start over. You will keep your money but lose all your progress and have to level up again.

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