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Stories of the five states roleplay

Filthy Viking

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Howdy fellers!  Any of y'all looking for a roleplay community  with the freedom to be what you want AND the background lore available to immerse your character into the world? 

Well, partner, theres a group called Stories of the Five States!!  Where you can be who you want, as long as it's possible.  

Join us on Discord, where we have a full bot driven server economy, with in game properties and businesses listed for sale, and an in game money making model to match. One that gives you a reason for clearing gang attacks and a purpose behind completing contact missions.

 Be whoever you want, from a Banker or preacher, to an old hermit or town drunk.  You can absolutley be that here. Come visit The Five States today!!!


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On 3/5/2020 at 5:55 PM, Pantarura said:

Hey are u still havin people? I have discord but a bit noob on it so dont know how to use that link when i cant press on it 🙈 my psn is pantarura

The OP hasn't been back since Dec 2019 and only had 3 posts on here.

If he doesn't respond in the next day or so I'm going to go ahead and close this thread.  Personally, I'd recommend hitting up some of the more active posse recruitment threads concentrating perhaps those created by members involved in the community.

3/9/20 EDIT:  I'm closing this thread.  The OP isn't coming back and I hate to leave these nets out there catching fish (so to speak) for no reason.

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