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Ghost on PC Yet?


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Out of curiously, anybody experienced the ghost outside of St. Dennis or the ghost train yet on this PC version, or any other place for that matter?  I know the consoles  (bugs aside) have several of the them. The ghost train seems pretty cool added effect to the lore of those days! I even saw mention of a UFO???

Seems like quite a few things have yet to carry over to the PC side yet (like passengers trains, etc.) and was wondering if this was one of them. 

Also, kudos to the dev team, really. It’s in its infancy here in the PC and they done numerous updates already for it, deservingly so I might add. I see great things on the PC side here for development. Already we are getting Moonshiners. This sounds very intriguing as so far I’ve not gone a designated route for my character and just do online Free Roam. Wife now has her own character and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning as time seems to fly by simply exploring and learning the game mechanics. One of my personal time killer faves is ironically playing poker, as I never played before RDR2 in my life. Great fun and relaxing. We are both new to RDR2 and waited for the PC version specifically. 

Hopefully PC sales are doing well. Perhaps some quarter Rockstar May release another pursuit such as  Bank Robber or combining up robbing banks and trains as right now cannot enter any banks at all (don’t know if you can on consoles or not either). Kinda making a career out of it I would think (other than your typical Free Roam opportunities)  would make for some very interesting game play. Naturally, everyone would take the role on as “easy money” so the devs would have to be creative in pulling it off right in order to make it the opposite - high gains would also have to mean higher stakes are at hand. And banks themselves couldn’t operate simply as a huge cash dispensary at the whim of a player simply logging in and out in order to make tons of fast cash either.  Just an idea. Bank robberies are definitely a part of those Wild West times historically. Nearby in Northfield, MN there was once a bank robbery by the James Younger gang in 1876 which made the history books as locals quickly formed a posse in an attempt to stop them from even fleeing the town during the holdup.

In case your interested   .http://www.northfieldhistory.org/the-bank-raid/

Again, thanks to all here in helping each other answering questions, the moderators and most of all the dev team! The only complaint I have is that RDR2 PC is cutting into my flight sim time now!  😁

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9 hours ago, BornToBattle said:

Understood, and thanks! Makes sense. 

Right now I suppose the devs are trying to squash bugs more than anything right now too.

Yeah they have their hands full to say the least. I like that things like this are rare myself but it seems some of them are too rare to the point where you have to question if they are really even in the game. 

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