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What are the Maggie Fike Missions?


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Hey All

Does anyone have the list of all of Maggie Fike Missions?  I feel like I have missed something somewhere.  Didn't feel like I have completed all of the missions but the same one keeps coming back up.  It could be because I keep dying during the mission itself and that is why I am stuck even though it finishes with the correct cut scene.  Any thoughts?  I know it says 2 team lives but I die a lot more than that.  LOL.  Tough mission to do solo for sure. 

I understand that after completing all of them you can go back and replay (like the LeClerk missions) but it is not unlocked for me so I have to think there are more missions that I am just not getting to yet. 

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Bitter means to the bitter end

Certainty if death and taxes

Where there's smoke there's firewater

Come hell come high water

Blood is thicker than shine. 

Can't remember the proper order though. I can say that after you complete them, the bottom one will say "replay story missions".   So is it possible you have failed the last one you tried? Or is this more a glitch? Or are you trying to do them too close together? There is a cool down period between story missions. 

Edit: saw where you said you died a lot more than twice. So chances are you just didn't "complete" the mission. (bring some tonics with you, the NPCs in story hit hard)


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