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  1. Like others have mentioned, I just take breaks. Sometimes for a few days, other times for a couple weeks. I think the longest I went without playing since I had it was 15 days but normally I just take a few days off from the game and play something else. I haven't had it long enough to shelf it.
  2. I mean what kind of flowers are you collecting? If you are going after those poppy flowers, maybe the law has the right impression of you LOL!
  3. I heard some rumors of one coming out next week for PC but we'll see. You know how Rockstar and rumors seldom line up. I am hoping for some major fixes before they add any new things in the game.
  4. I think there are a few other fans of the show here. It came back yesterday and it started out strong. Really going to start picking up now. I know some people have complained the show has been slow thus far but the episode that is on tonight is getting high ratings already for those who had an early viewing. Can't wait to watch it. So who here follows the show and enjoys what they have done with it?
  5. Both tea and coffee need to be sweet for me to enjoy it. I don't like bitter food or drinks. I also prefer both to be cold which I know isn't a common thing aside from drinking like sweet tea cold. If I make coffee or tea myself, I chill it before I drink it.
  6. Fat chance but it would be nice. The reason I can't see them doing this is the way the game is designed to be played. They want people online with each other, not just by themselves or with a few other people.
  7. Weekly but never in excess. I haven't been drunk in a while. I seldom drink enough to reach that point. Had a few bad experiences while drunk so I tend to avoid it.
  8. Having lived in Florida for a few years, I can say that the sunshine and heat gets old pretty fast. The area I was in had some loopy people as well. They just didn't seem like they were from this country, some not even from this planet. lol
  9. I guess it wasn't for the animals but at least other fixes have been made. It sucks having to wait for something like this. Like you'd think the hunting aspect of the game would be prioritized.
  10. That could be my issue then. Maybe it is down to it being winter. I mean I hate the cold so I don't go out as often other then to work and back home really and most days, I work in the evening so the sun is already down.
  11. Guessing this deals with them fixing the animal spawning. Fingers crossed? I mean I saw they addressed it publicly and given that this weekly bonus is just bottom barrel stuff, I think you are right. An update of sorts is coming.
  12. I am shocked it sold so well on Steam. I know a lot of people play games through them but I wasn't expecting that much. Do you know what they sold through Rockstar's launcher before the game came out on Steam?
  13. You use the weapons menu on your horse. Press TAB to cycle through your weapons. With the menu open, right clicking the weapon will select what your default weapon will be.
  14. I can see where that guy got the idea from now. Seems strange. Thought remember, there were areas where dead bodies were kind of being used for different things so maybe someone just took the body to experiment on with stuff?
  15. Found a pretty cool video. Shocked I haven't seen it sooner. It is from 2018. Babish here makes the old school bear stew from RDR2. I knew people ate bear at one point but I didn't know it was still a thing people ate today. I don't think I would be able to eat it myself. Anyways, enjoy the video and feel free to discuss other meals from the game in the thread.
  16. I was wondering about this. Someone mentioned this in one of the lobbies I was in and I didn't think he was right about it but I guess I have to wait now. When does that come out?
  17. You need the bigger wagon like mentioned. That is the only way to increase money from goods. When it is available to you, buy it and you will see.
  18. I had a few wagons destroyed the last few days. Never had this happen before. I wasn't doing anything differently either. Really ticked me off.
  19. My insomnia is back with a vengeance. Having trouble sleeping more than 4 hours a day. I feel like a zombie lol Other than that, I am going pretty good.
  20. Oh lord, I completely forgot about that! LOL I only played the game once and it was so long ago I forgotten a lot about it. Yeah, that won't fly today. Too many PC police will be gunning for Rockstar's heads.
  21. After you find it, you should be able to use it. At least this has been the case for the ones I have found. I don't remember them not being on my wheel either. I will double check.
  22. If it still isn't working, see if the launcher needs to be updated. Check and make sure your drivers are up to date as well. If all else fails, you can uninstall and reinstall the launcher. That might fix it.
  23. Let me see a pic. I am not sure if this is entirely down to graphics, might be the actual structure of your character as well.
  24. So I know animals have not been spawning good and sometimes not at all but has anyone noticed any issues with glitching and animals not dying? I don't know if this is down to lag but recently, when I do some hunting trips several different animals (especially deer/buck) will take several head shots before they react as if they have been shot. In some cases, they don't react at all until I get close enough and they run away. I am able to shoot and kill them after that. It is very strange.
  25. I had this happen with a few items just before Christmas but it seems to all be fine now. Likely some kind of issue with the holiday update.
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