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hey plis i need help


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Is this on PC or console?

If no one else responds with a potential solution, I would suggest contacting R* Support directly and opening a trouble ticket.  I would include this screen shot as well.

If this is on PC, it could simply be a driver issue or setting.

Welcome to the forums by the way.

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Hard to help pin it down without some system info to go on, but I'll speak in general terms. If on PC, most likely a driver issue.  If you are using an Nvidia card, I suggest using the "Nvidia GEForce Experience" software and let it do the update (express). I have found it does a pretty good job of deleting the old drivers when it updates, no more manual search and destroy missions and registry editing. (I sure don't miss that) Nvidia has had 3 updates in the past 6 weeks, some of it aimed specifically at RDR2 I am told. Over the years I have dealt with this several times, and in my personal experience, it was usually either a driver conflict (old driver not completely removed and fighting for control of vid card) or an out of date driver.  Another cause of this in my experience is settings that are too high for the available video memory on the card, but I poked around a bit earlier today and discovered that RDR2 won't accept settings that do this, so not a likely culprit unless you somehow found a way around the safeguard.  YMMV.

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