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Try playing "windowed"

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I just wanted to share something that seems to be helping with the Rockstar launcher. 

I got GTA V for PC since it was on a good deal and the game was doing the same crap that RDR2 was doing for me for the last few days. I couldn't get it to launch and stay going without it crashing after a few minutes. I decided to set the screen to windowed and it worked for GTA V so I did the same for RDR2 and BAM, it worked! 

When I was playing RDR2 earlier today, it went full screen on its own without changing a setting and still worked fine, same with GTA V. Not sure what happened there but I am not complaining.

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Finally finished the download today, have been playing in fullscreen mode all day.  Only issue I've had so far was one server side disconnect, and a lovely local power outage for about an hour :P  (Disco could easily been caused by my less-than-reliable DSL)  Using the settings the game set after install, keeping fingers crossed. 
With the hit-or-miss reports I keep reading for issues, I have to think it is certain combinations of CPU and video card, and to me it seems those cards with some of the more advanced features and the new physics modelling are having the most trouble, but I could easily be wrong.  I wonder if we should start a thread of system specs and game play experience to see if a pattern begins to emerge. My system is ancient by today's standards (I7-920 @ 2.4 Ghz w/1050ti card, 24GB DDR3 RAM) and I haven't had a hitch.  Surprising mix of low to ultra settings the game chose, too, and Vulcan API, didn't expect it to work so well.  Frame rate is good, no hitching or stalls, picture quality is acceptable and better than I expected for my system specs.
If anything does start acting up though, will give this a try first, thanks for the heads up!

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That isn't the issue though. You have to launch it from the Rockstar launcher, not Steam. This is why your screen "went full screen" after the fact, you likely launched it from the actual Rockstar launcher this time. If you just use the icon to launch it or if you use steam, you are far more likely to have issues.

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