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Seeking very casual ps4 group.


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Basicly i am seeking a RDRo sosial community that groups up when they feel for it.

Im 30+ and even tough no kids yet, i honestly dont have the time or will to be on this game every day or every week. I can be daily active for 2-3 weeks then not even look at the game for 2-3 months, it goes in circles. (when i joind online at day 1 and i hit account lv 46 yesterday, that should say something about my game activity level)

my play times is primarely 09-18 CEST, i a am a daytime gamer, not a nighttime gamer.

I dont do freeroam pvp, If i want pvp i go to showdowns even tough they are wastly one sided matches. ofc i can join a free roam defence but an AI is prolly more effective at it then me.

Just roam around and acting my character has been my thing. Im the kind of player that sets the gps dot at SD when i am in Strawberry, activates cinematic view and just put my controller away rather then teleport. collector role is at 17 and bounty role at 15.

But while playing solo is one thing and i do like it alot, i allso do want to experience group activitys in the game, preferibly with humans who are either adults or act as adults and with ppl who dont throw a fit when things dont go according to plan. It is a game, and even if 2-3H yielded 0 ingame progression, it is still entertainment.


If your group has humans with simmilar points of view, i might fit in.(yes i have HS and discord)

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