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  1. Hiya Kean_1 glad to see you’re still here. Thanks for the reply, I’ll have a look at the thread.
  2. Hi all. After 10 months in hiding the High Fives are back in business and looking for new riders. Looking to try all new content; level up (lvl60 atm); mixture of defensive/offensive play; run missions; role-play etc. I’m smudger691 so either add me or join posse in Posse recruitment section. I’m in PS4 btw
  3. I just started again today. Got to lvl60 when game started but not played since March. Play same way as you; my id is smudger691 feel free to add me
  4. What platform are you younguns playing on? I’m 50+, played this game a lot when it can out but got bored and been playing Div2 & GRB. Just started again and looking for new players to posse up with. I’m on PS4, gamer tag us Smudger691 please add me.
  5. Hi all. And happy New Year for Wednesday. So, I stopped playing back in March (playing other games) but decided to give it another go. Much seems to have changed so hoping for some pointers/links to all the new content.
  6. It must be Bandit 8 then, the one where you have to Rob $50. You must have definitely been on the Most Wanted list with $1500 in every state!!
  7. In R*'s defence, it is not an easy one to solve. I really hate griefing; but I also don't think a purely PvE server would be any fun. There is lots of PvE content and lots of feds to shoot; and PvP battles, when evenly matched, are really good fun (it is a shooting game). It is possible to hunt etc and avoid griefers, I play mostly alone (since day 2) and I've managed to avoid it on the whole. So I really don't want to be forced to choose between a PvP server where mayhem rules, or a PvE server that is all cuddly and no challenge. For me R* have to find a way to penalize random griefing/trolling in a way that creates a real unwanted consequence that makes people think twice; whether that be a bounty system, $ penalties, temp ban on certain wpns/ammo, coloured blips, bounty hunters etc. I guess it is difficult to find a method that can be physically and realistically introduced, that has the desired effect without ruining the game. Don't forget, the ultimate aim of the game is to create revenue. GTAO is a very different beast where griefing is accepted, and it makes them a fortune. R* have said they are trying for something different, but they still won't do anything that is not going to improve their bottom line. Take2 will definitely be putting $ first (and last) If GTAO is anything to go by, they aren't going to alienate a huge % of those players by completely preventing somebody hiding behind a rock and sniping people just because they can. But finding a way to keep everyone happy without spending another $100m on development isn't going to be easy for R*. For now, stay watchful, use the companion app, be prepared to switch servers, and posse up (and don't take it personally..its just a game after all)
  8. Unless, like me you go a bit mad doing bandit challenges too early. I can't afford to pay them off now and its getting tricky!! On second playthrough though so know I'll get more in a bit (if I can just avoid the swarms of feds!!!)
  9. Agree 100%, I know from personal experience that they do listen and want our input.
  10. Hi Folks. Older UK based player looking to posse up. Kinda new to online gaming so don't have established online friend base. Happy to go with consensus in posse regarding activities and play style (although not into randomly griefing people as it feels like bullying, but more than happy to persecute anyone who griefs me or mine!!). Just like to have some fun with it really. I use a headset to chat a bit while playing. I'm up to Lvl42 but still learning how to win PvP regularly, but getting there. My PSNiD is Smudger691, so please feel free to add me as friend so I can join when your'e on.
  11. Whats your Psn id so i can add you as friend and join up when online. I'm smudger691
  12. Yeah, that is annoying. I just don't see the fun. There must be a way to stop it, immunity for x seconds e.g. Not spawning into a town? I dunno, its just annoying as you lose half your life and dead eye cores. If you dont have stuff on you you are really vulnerable, especially if its a posse.
  13. Yeah, silly that. You can move it for only $2, but it annoying that it always spawns at the opposite end of the map. I guess its because there are only a set number of spawn sites.
  14. Agree that would be great. Send it to R*, link in Kean_1's post above. Like most of the suggestions above, except the diving about bit really. Its the same for everyone and if you've got decent cards (SnS l3) you can shoot them 2or 3 times while theyre poncing about. I want explosive ammo though!
  15. How do you get that then..sounds right up my street!!
  16. But you say he chased you, so I guess you were near him to start with. My point is that nobody is going to travel from New Austin to shoot somebody who is over in Lemoyne. For me, if I just want to hunt to level up a card etc, I will go to an area where there are no posses roaming around (not worried about individuals) either riding, fast travel or by using a mission. If I couldn't see the blips I would have to travel to an area before I knew who was there, and to be honest it takes ages to traverse the map. I take your point, but you can't stop someone chasing you. You should have stood right at the edge of your camp and as soon as he turned to leave take a step out, shoot him, then step back in. (I make a note of their name and wait 10 mins and track them down, they never remember who you are) I would just prefer to know where everybody is on the whole map, then I can plan depending on what I intend to do.
  17. Exactly what I think, really think you should pass that onto R* feedback.
  18. Also, there is a glitch where you lose your skins at the butcher. I dont bother with skins now. Just stuff your pockets with feathers and meat, then if you get shot, kicked out etc, you keep your stash (plus many feathers are worth a fortune!! - Herons, Spoonbills, Pelican, owls etc)
  19. Yeah, that sounds possible. Thought he may have just got the SB card, but think you may be right
  20. I was getting these all the time. Contacted R* several times and while they were helpful, they kept giving the same advise..Clear cache, reset Router, open ports. I basically tried everything and it still happened. I tried checking what channels the other nearby routers were using which was inconclusive, so eventually, I bought a long ethernet cable and hard-wired my PS4 to the router. Since I did that I have not had one 006 termination and not been kicked out at all (now I've said that it'll probably be unplayable later). So I think the reason may have either been to do with the ports or something that was causing a very brief data loss causing it to drop out. R* will claim the issue is with your ISP, the ISP will claim its not there issue. Anyway, a 5m cable was <£5 and it doubled my speed, and improved stability no end, so Happy Days!
  21. Agree with Yoda here. when I first started plying RDRO (its was on Day 2) I thought I was going to hate it because I'd hated every other PvP game I'd played and was expecting to be constantly griefed by much better/younger players who have grown up on COD, GTAO etc. Being the wrong side of 50 my reactions aren't as good, and I have limited time. So I was all for finding ways to stop griefing. However, while I still find it irritating at times when you get griefed by a Posse, I find it isn't that much of a problem for several reasons: 1) The map is huge and there are only 24 players at any one time so its easy to avoid people if you want to; 2) There are loads of missions etc to do and loads of other content; 3) The vast majority of people are not griefers and allow you to play 4) Most players are not that good and revenge is always sweeeet; 5) Once you spend the time to buff up your cards you get quite hard to kill anyway so many griefers tend to leave you alone and 6) The Parley/Feud system means that someone can only kill you 4 times anyway so why not try to fight them, if they kill you 4 times take the Parley and ride off into the distance. I don't think many of the anti-griefing steps to be introduced will help at all, especially only being able to see blips within a certain distance as you wont be able to select a quiet region. However, from an old, slow, newbie..just stick with it. If needs be play at a time when its quiet, to build your levels and abilty cards. I have been on a server with only 2 players, so I could hunt Herons etc near St Denis without even seeing another player. Take time to increase levels and buff those cards. Many people just don't bother with them but if you're not an excellent shooter they really help. But mostly, just accept that some people will always grief you. I have found that most people that are genuinely good at RDR play LSS etc rather than grief people, so take them on, it will only make you a better player. If you want a quiet life, as soon as you spawn, check the map to see where everyone is, check the players to see what levels are around. If you don't like the look of the area where you are, go somewhere else or do a mission that respawns you in a new location when it finishes. Finally, Posse up. There is safety in numbers. But remember that most griefers are just bullies at heart and they will just try to pick on the weak. Don't be a victim...be a badass mutha!! Outlaws for Ever!!! Could all be interesting, esp the Bounty / Rogue players elements. However, I really don't like the sound of Proximity Based blips. I have never had anyone chase across a map just to shoot me (anyway I'd see them coming), the issue as it is just people killing you because you are there. If you cant see where people are on the map then you can't select a quiet area to avoid other players if you want. I just can't see any benefit in this at all.
  22. Hi All. Just a quick query about bounties. My Bounty in Lemoyne is up to $1480 and its definitely getting very busy. Its not quite as bad as Blackwater, but I'm definitely not very popular in Lemoyne. Staying alive long enough to complete any challenges etc is getting tricky. So just wondered what Bounties other players had, and any tips for completing Bandit 7 without paying it off.
  23. Thanks Mate ! I was looking there (thats where I got one on last play through but think that wasa side mission so wasn't sure it'd respawn there). Have to be patient and get that bait down!
  24. I got the same problem finding a panther.
  25. Blimey, on 3rd playthrough and didn't know that!! I haven't had a problem though as long as you use the weapon suggested. But deffo gonna get that trinket asap!
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