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Offers Rewards Free Item Unlocked before Rank 70



I am rank 16 and received a coupon for a reward, worded as follows:

"Free - Select Off-Hand Holster unlocked before Rank 70. Claim the reward in the Gunsmith or the Handheld Catalog. Offer available through March 31st, 2020."

I looked in the catalog and could not find anything that looked like it was a free off-hand holster, and nothing that had the "offers and rewards" button available. Is there something I have to do yet to claim it? Am I reading it wrong?

One other unrelated question: How do I determine my rank as a Trader?

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So when you get a cupon for say coats, you browse all you have unlocked of coats in a shop. If the discount is counted there will be a new button for you to press to activate the discount cupon before you buy the item. You cannot check items that you have not unlocked as the discount is for the $ price, not the gold price. I do not think it works on the open world catalogue.


To see what rank you are in both regular levels and role levels you go to the main menu-progress.

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OK. I think I understand. Like for some things, there is a button on the item that says offers and rewards. But not on this item. I guess I have to wait til I get to rank 25 to unlock the holster. Then I will get it for free. Thanks, NF85. I really appreciate the response! And I found the rank indicators, too. Thank you.

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