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[ The Aces Of Ruin ] Any old skool dawgs out there?

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Looking for a few old skool dawgs to form a Posse.  If you are 40+ old timer gamer that is looking for some night owl kin then holster up.

There are 4 of us, 2 of which are on most nights until the early hours 8pm - 12am (minimum) often 2 - 3am.

  • We use TeamSpeak
  • We swear a lot
  • We don't grief
  • We sometimes spend hours doing pointless shizzle achieving nothing
  • We are working on all roles and share posse leadership to help advance players
  • We drink a lot in game - and out
  • We smoke
  • We have a laugh

Don't mind young'uns as long you don't mind long in the tooth throwbacks from the 80's.


Hit me up if you'd like to join us



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Seems you posted this in the RDR2 forum. This should be in the Online forum. .....more specifically, the Posse Recruitment sub-forum.  I'll move it there now for ya.

Good luck!

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