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Trinkets not showing up

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Has anyone else had trouble with trinkets that are in inventory not showing up in the Player screen?  Most of my trinkets are showing up just fine, but the Turtle Shell Trinket and Panther Eye Trinket are not showing up, despite the fact that I see them in inventory.  When I go to the Player screen, the slots those would normally take up are listed as "Undiscovered Perk".  I acquired these legitimately, as John not as Arthur.  I have used a Save Game Editor for a couple of other things, but not for trinkets; is it possible that any use of a save game editor would screw up trinkets?

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Obviously, it's entirely possible that using a save game editor will screw up anything at all - you use these tools to abuse the system at your own risk.

We can only really help with problems encountered during legitimate gameplay.

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