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Shadow.Tech VM Gaming Environment - Issues

Boot Smith

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Does anybody else use Shadow.Tech?

I've been using it without any issues for almost a year and now it seems to have blocked socialclub.rockstargames.com

The Social Club app just times out and then goes into offline mode.  I can launch UbiSoft, EPIC Games launchers with no issues.

I'd move back over to my Beta access of GeForce Now - but you can't access any R* content on there now.


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I honestly never heard of it. I had to search what it was. Maybe this was something between the company and Rockstar that changed. Companies are always screwing around and we end up having to take care of the disappointments (the babies they make).

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It seems the issue was their end as it's now been resolved.  Streaming gaming is the future, a 3 subscription to a high end VM gaming box works out a damn sight cheaper than buying a new laptop.  My Gigbyte Aero 14 will be the last laptop I buy.

Shadow Tech, GeForce Now, Stadia... they are laying the foundations now.  say good by to cables and hardware..  ;)

Look to the cloud baby.. 🎮☁️ 

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