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  1. It is still active likely in part because of the modding and hacking lol I know there were some people online not too long ago making money off people for dropping cash in-game.
  2. Not daily but often and seldom do I drink and get drunk. Those days are long gone. I don't have time to be a drunken bother to people anymore lol
  3. You either missed something or the save file is glitched, the only two things I could think of. I am not sure what could be missing but you can check like Tater mentioned.
  4. I read about this when I was doing it and anytime I went there, there were no chickens. Do they only spawn or show a certain time of the day or something?
  5. How many do you need to kill? I don't remember the count but I thought it was only 6? If that is the case, 8 arrows is plenty if you play the waiting game.
  6. I am not really sure. I upgraded and never used the previous one so I wouldn't even think anything of switching it. I am guessing this is similar to the horses where there is no direct way of doing it, but who knows. I hope someone can help you out with this.
  7. Is this meant to tie in with Valentine's Day or something? Cause I am getting those vibes here and I don't like them!! Worst. Holiday. Ever.
  8. As mentioned, the gold makes it worth it if you intend on plating a lot. If you are very casual and won't be playing as much, it can take too long and you'll lose out on the chance to make it back.
  9. I never bothered with buying them because to me, they felt quite useless. I like the idea of giving extra time to missions. It makes sense given that it is a pocket watch.
  10. I have heard of that ^ working but never did it. I didn't know about it until after the fact. I never understood why the money didn't pass on, it would make more sense if it did at least to me it would make more sense.
  11. Yeah that one took me a while to figure out. Parzival is right, that is exactly what I did. Caught the fish in no time and avoided all the inconveniences of the island.
  12. I haven't even been able to do the heist yet. Every time I start it up, no one joins and the only other guy I play with doesn't know anyone good enough to do them.
  13. That actually makes more sense then what everyone has been saying. People are acting like this is the next black plague or something.
  14. If you take care of your body, you shouldn't be worried. I, do not do this... Not as well as I should anyways. We have not had any case of someone being sick with it in my state, yet anyways. I know there were several cases in California though which would be bad if someone homeless caught it. It would spread like wildfire between them.
  15. My sister got me watching This Is Us. It is not a typical show for dudes, I mean I would imagine the majority of the audience is female but the way it is written interested me. Plus it has Mandy Moore in it and she is still a fox.
  16. SNAK3S

    Bug, or hacker?

    I am sorry but the state of the help team with Rockstar is a complete joke at this point. They are just spewing out generated responses and a lot of times, they don't help solve anything. I would get so frustrated if I tried to contact them.
  17. I play on console still here and there and I can confirm the same thing. I see a lot more dead lobbies on PC by comparison. Maybe they just have less lobbies running for console?
  18. I am glad they are giving us new stuff consistently but I really would rather have them focus on fixing issues instead of creating new ones.. .
  19. From my understanding, you only get one character per account. I never had the option to create another one without having a completely separate account.
  20. Cold as heck out with a snow storm on the way. My sleep has been a mess lately so I am tired during the day and wide awake at night. As of right now, I am going okay but I am tempted to take a nap lol
  21. Glad it was an issue that got resolved right away for you. I have yet to use Shadow Tech but I was considering it last year. How much does it run?
  22. Pretty obvious what it is. I like the color green and I was big into games using dice back in the day. Considered changing it a few times but I can't be bothered. I use the same avatar on several other sites as well. Edit: I forgot, 3 is my lucky number hence the 3 on the die and in my username.
  23. I can't remember if there is or not but I can't find the option. I am asking because my friend wants to get a group of people together for a stream this weekend and he don't want randoms in on it. I did a google search and can't seem to find legit information on it.
  24. I noticed a massive change since then myself. Less players, less to do, more bugs, and just more annoyances. I don't play as often as I once did but I can't blame anyone for taking a break at this point. Maybe if enough people do, they will realize what is more important to fix and fix it.
  25. I was just going to mentioned a chair and I see someone had. I want more interactive hand to hand combat style options. Chairs, bottles, even tables. Give us the option to just cause a riot in a pub. Nothing is funnier in game then a drunk fight.
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