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Coronavirus - Should we be worried?


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8 minutes ago, Parzival said:

Personally, I figure I'm at less risk going to GameStop for a video game or other related materials than I would be going to an "essential" retailer like Walmart where there would be a lot more people, though.

.......and I'm less at risk just staying home.  Trust me, I wouldn't want to go to either of those stores.  

My point being about the those other retailers is that they offer way more items in that regard than any Gamestop I've ever been in.  They are more likely to have the item(s) I need.  .....modems, routers, cables, printers, printer cartridges, paper, PCs, monitors, etc., etc. Why Gamestop thinks they are better prepared to handle these sorts of needs than these other retailers is beyond me.  It's just one more chain that's open exposing (needlessly IMO) their workforce to this potential threat.  Besides that, how many people do you think are going to be visiting Gamestop stores for anything but games / gaming needs?

.....btw, some of these other retailers have limits on the # of people they are allowing in their stores at a given time to help maintain separation.  ....or you can order online and pick up in-store.  ......or get it delivered. 

Personally, I would say don't go unless you have to.  If you don't have a PC for distance learning, some school districts will offer loaners.  Most employers I know provide their employees with the equipment they'll need for working at home.   My first choice would be to order online but you do what you gotta do.  

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.......and there you go. Seems they saw the light after all the backlash but unfortunately, left their employees to fend for themselves apparently if they have no personal time available.

"GameStop Closes California Stores, Employees Reportedly Told to Use Personal Time or File for Unemployment"

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