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Duplicate horse glitch


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I recently experienced a glitch where my horse duplicated itself.

When I'm hunting, I try to stop my horse as close to the carcass as possible, as this skips the long skinning animation. This particular bug happened when I had two carcasses. I stopped the horse and he was actually standing on top of the first carcass. I was able to quickly skin it, then I ran off to the second carcass and called my horse. When I called, he duplicated and a nice fresh horse came to me (he has the white feet in the pic). The clean duplicate was the horse I was able to interact with.

I was still able to ride the old horse. I used it to load up another carcass and take three to Cripps. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take the duplicate skins off the back or open the saddle bags.

I've tried a couple of times, but haven't been able to repeat it. I wouldn't mind being able to, as It was nice to have two horses while I was hunting.


Duplicate horse glitch.jpg

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On 2/14/2020 at 6:30 PM, SageNinja said:

That is a strange glitch to say the least. Can't say it has happened to me but keeping your horse back like mentioned would probably help prevent the issue. Maybe try killing the duplicate horse?

It was actually a nice glitch, as I was able to ride the duplicate and throw an extra carcass on it to deliver to Cripps. I've tried many times to repeat it, but it hasn't happened since.

The only thing that comes close was a bug I experienced while exiting the stable. I exited on my horse, but the horse wouldn't move. I hopped off & tried to lead it, as this usually fixes the unresponsive horse bug, but nothing worked. I whistled at it, and damned if my horse didn't come running in from another direction, with the duplicate just standing in front of the stable. I could get back on the first horse, but it wouldn't move.

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