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  1. I was tempted a few times but I just take a week or so off and it is okay to play again for a bit. I noticed the less I play, the less I run into issues. I know the game is still being fixed and there are still going to be on-going issues so if I do hop to another game in my spare time, this one will likely be shelfed for awhile.
  2. Love how this conversation went from 0 to 100 in 4 posts while mentioning flowers are dead bodies. Epic. I can't say I ever had this happen to me, though it sounds hilarious. lol
  3. Isn't the white variation of this horse better or am I thinking of a different breed? I could have sworn the white variation was the best of this one though.
  4. Has it not been working right? I mean I never experienced it but I don't do a lot of wagon hunting or defending.
  5. I would contact Rockstar with the issue and hopefully they will respond with a fix. This seems to be an issue on their end if it isn't your PC or Windows.
  6. I noticed I have been kind of down lately. More tired. More stressed. Bored. Just feeling a bit down. Someone told me I might get that seasonal depression that some people get during the winter from spending too much time indoors and not getting enough sunshine and fresh air. Anyone else get this? What do you do about it if you do?
  7. Did you download the game from the marketplace or get an actual disc copy of the game?
  8. That is a strange glitch to say the least. Can't say it has happened to me but keeping your horse back like mentioned would probably help prevent the issue. Maybe try killing the duplicate horse?
  9. The left shift makes you sprint if you are on default settings. If that doesn't work for you, try unplugging and plugging back in your keyboard. I have hit keys by mistake and changed my settings without knowing it.
  10. I still don't get what they were thinking by pushing merch. Up until they started giving the game away, no one I know had even mentioned it in the last 6+ years.
  11. Okay, I am sure it has been said before multiple times but we seriously need private lobbies. That should be something they should have added awhile ago when all the issues happened. It is hard to enjoy a game when I have to worry about bugs, glitches AND annoying a$$ players who won't leave me alone with their mods.
  12. They need to just get in handled in China because that is where it is the biggest threat. Their government is acting like it ain't a big deal but want to get mad over travel bans. Get your crap together and stop letting people eat animals that commonly eat infected or poisonous food. I mean people there eat raw snake and bat ffs.
  13. I could have told you that. I think people were just speculating it based on the sales they were running at the time on Bully merch and games.
  14. Do you stand in front of the door and just wait without moving? I find that is the easiest way to prompt it. If you are moving or don't give it time, it just keeps resetting the prompt to let you in.
  15. Good to know. I would not have thought to sell some coins to get passed something like this. Thanks for posting this. I am sure others have had issues with this.
  16. That one made me laugh. It is both sad and pathetic. I feel like we really took a turn for the worse around 2010. Hopefully the 2020's bring some relief to this PC garbage.
  17. I don't know if they will end up making another Bully or not. For the time, Bully was okay but honestly it was boring after awhile. I don't think they can get away with doing something like that game today unless they focused on college students and that would be boring regardless.
  18. I hope you are right. I would be fine with them focusing on the wilderness experience if there were actual animals spawning lol
  19. Have you tested this with other games because it sounds like a PC issue more than an RDR2 issue to me. Make sure you verify that first. If it is indeed an issue with just this game, it is likely down to the launcher, not the actual game. Are you running it through Steam?
  20. Sometimes it seems fine, other times not so much. I have been on servers that I swear, didn't even have birds in them. I don't understand this at all. I don't get what they changed or what would have to be changed to ensure more animals are around... But I hope they get to fixing it soon.
  21. As mentioned, they are for cosmetics only and honestly, if you like the style/look of them, for for it but for me, I just find it a minor annoyance how clothing and such looks glitchy with em.
  22. I want the option to buy a farm or house of some kind. I want a stable home. I don't want to be stuck with a glitchy campsite that keeps moving every time I turn around.
  23. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here friend. I'll be sure to send people your way if they are looking for some in-game help.
  24. Depending on the genre of game, yeah they tell amazing stories like movies used to (LOL). I just think anyone who is as mad as the guy in the video just didn't adjust well with the changes the gaming industry has gone through.
  25. If they did something like that right, sure I would take part because it is essentially like a treasure hunt which we already have but I highly doubt it would function the way you are saying and the way I am thinking.
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