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Hi all,

Last weekend we began again with playing RDR2 and we kinda forgot how much fun we had. 
And now with the new role we really had a lot of fun.

The main and side missions for the moonshiner role are so amazingly fun. We already have a favourite one also 😄 ( The bar fights ). 

Now to come to the point what do you guys propose to upgrade first for the moonshiner role and how do you think this role can be improved for the future?  

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Folks can help us out by simply reporting the post when they see something like this that should go elsewhere and we'll handle it.

OP, please just let us know before creating a duplicate thread. You too can report your own post which will likely be quicker or just PM one of us so the thread can be moved. It's appreciated.

I'll go ahead and lock this one down since you've got the other in Online already. Thanks.

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