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Moonshine chack enter


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Since this weekend we have a lot of issues with entering the moonshine it doesn't load and after we want to enter we can't do anyting.
We also have infinite loading screens when starting a moonshine delivery or bootlegger mission.

That comes together with the issues of a the camp that is visible on the map but doesn't show when we are at the location :'(.

It's starting to be annoying even though I really like the game we can't do any proper task at the moment 😢

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On 3/24/2020 at 12:26 AM, C20Dragon said:

Last update somewhat fixed animal spawns, but has messed up other parts of the game like you have mentioned. I’m having the same issue you’re having too. Causing me to stop playing again.

Bummer you stopped because due to the issues I still like the game a lot. But it's annoying that's for sure. 

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