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Does anyone have a online compendium gude (link) for rdr2 special edition PC Version?


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The reason I ask....is because all of the you tube videos I have seen are apparently for another version...because they seem to have the EQUIPMENT pages looking far different than the 4 equipment pages in my compendium! I have RDR2 special edition for PC that I ordered through Rockstars website.  And I need to find just 5 items in the equipment section I am missing. But I do not have a clue as to what they are! WHY Rockstar did this without giving you a clue as to what they are is stupid in my opinion.  My compendium has things in it that are not in the standard edition apparently. So does anyone have a link with pictures of what should be in the equipment section?  If I can see what I am missing, I can find a guide to get to it.


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