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My horse is afraid of horse racing.


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I am a relatively new to RDO (only level 18 so far), and I spend a lot of time in races. At the moment, my main horse for both horse racing and free-roam is the fully-bonded Ultimate EditionThoroughbred. He is a good boy, though not so brave next to predators or maneuverable, like TB horse from a single, but as far as I understand, this is normal for online - horses here are not as accurate and obidient.

I’ve noticed before that barely broken / bought horses have moments when they don’t want to move forward and make a few small circles in one direction or another to calm down. This happens with horses in real life, called the "volt" - a maneuver that allows you to calm horse down a little. In free roam, my TB had a couple of moments when he began to be stubborn and do these circles, but this was only at low levels of bonding and only a couple of times. The problem is that in racing mode he begins to do this almost constantly: at a certain moment, he simply stops obeying and starts to dart from side to side or run in circles instead of moving forward and it takes enough time and effort to calm him down.

I could blame the controllers for everything, but this never happens in single or free roam. Although I hunt with a lasso and almost always maneuver the same horse with same handling at high speed, just like in horse racing. In addition, my horse is not afraid of guns, so it's not about shooting from other players, they may not be there at all when he freaks out.

Is such horse behavior a glitch? Are there any ways to avoid or quickly stop this? Or is it some kind of individual feature of temper of a particular horse and I should choose another steed for racing?

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On the PS4 I know you can use the L3 button to help calm your horse while riding and it helps restore stamina.

I don't ever participate in the horse races so I really don't know how it differs in this regard or which breed would be better for such things.

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In my experience with the horses,they do have their own attitude and such.

For example my MFT is the best horse for me idk its because lucky or bought him with golds. But he really is my best horse,at one time i went to camp to cook something and as soon as i dismounted my MFT he went straight to the hitching pole  and hitched himself. I was like wtf? He is so clever.

On the other hand my friend MFT is normal not to clever or to dumb.

Another horse that i can compare to my friend horse is Turkoman. While in the snow my Turkoman run like there is nothing in his feet,just go full speed. But my friend Turkoman run slower and both of us run at the same road covered with snow.

From that i believe that horses in RDO have different attitude although they are exactly the same.

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