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  1. Pve : slow and steady - strange medicine - eye for an eye - cold blooded Pvp : slow and steady - fool me once/iron lung - sharpshooter/gunslinger choice/winning streak - fight for another day
  2. The only thing that make me do race is just daily challenge. Its just doesnt make sense when Norfolk Roadster passed by Morgan. If we have option to turn that "catch up" off like in gta ill give it another chance.
  3. In my experience with the horses,they do have their own attitude and such. For example my MFT is the best horse for me idk its because lucky or bought him with golds. But he really is my best horse,at one time i went to camp to cook something and as soon as i dismounted my MFT he went straight to the hitching pole and hitched himself. I was like wtf? He is so clever. On the other hand my friend MFT is normal not to clever or to dumb. Another horse that i can compare to my friend horse is Turkoman. While in the snow my Turkoman run like there is nothing in his feet,just go full speed. But my friend Turkoman run slower and both of us run at the same road covered with snow. From that i believe that horses in RDO have different attitude although they are exactly the same.
  4. There is a loophole in a parley system,for example if you choose parley over somebody that grief you. If that person understand how to cancelled your parley,well all you can do is change session. I wont explain how that works here,just in case someone likes to grief people with that method. Honestly i only use that to grief griefers.
  5. Slow and steady Fool me once Iron lung Peak condition (change to another cards depending on the situation)
  6. 1. Heartlands Near Emerald Station 2. Big Valley Near Little Creek River 3. Great Plains Near Blackwater
  7. Agreed,daily challenges is the best way to get a gold. Got to 81 days streak before reset bug struck when the first frontier pursuit dlc came. But rockstar compensate me,and now im at 82 days streak again. I got around 1110 gold bars now thanks to dailys.
  8. MFT SDP Alpha (Missouri Fox Trotter) TKM DB Bravo (Turkoman) CRL BFO Charlie (Criollo)
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