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  1. I did all three initial trades at the same time. I noticed that I finished bounty hunter first, followed by trader and finally collector. I did not use the online maps to tell where all the collectibles are hidden, not my style. I ranked up bounty hunter very fast by repeating legendary bounties to 5 stars solo. On missions with multiple bounties, I would hogtie the first, put them in my bounty wagon and slowly work around the map. It felt like the bounties would never run away if I did it slowly and focused on them one at a time. My highest XP on a legendary was almost 2K.
  2. I second the "Live for the Fight" ability card. At tier III it really does keep your dead eye full almost all the time. Only if I am in a serious, continuous battle do I need to supplement with an elixer. My two setups are all tier III: Offensive: Paint it Black, Horseman, Never without One, Live for the Fight (or Eye for an Eye) Defensive: Slippery Bastard, The Unblinking Eye, Never without One, Friends for Life
  3. If by chance you have purchased the weapons locker, confirm you are not limiting that specific weapon. I have gone through and filtered out all the guns I do not favor using the weapons locker at my camp. So much nicer (and quicker) not to scroll through so many weapons to find the one you need, especially if you're in a tricky spot.
  4. I usually have my mic on and try to say something to the winner (or to everyone else if I am the winner) at the end of a free roam mission or match. I keep it light and encouraging. Something like, "Great game dude, that was close match!" If I lose, I sometimes say something to the effect of "Don't matter if I win or lose, this is why I love racing! Gg folks"
  5. I have raced in RDR2 since the beta first offered it, and over the past year, I have had the opportunity to make many elite racing friends. I wanted to share some horse racing tips I have learned. They are all relevant to RDR2; however, the buttons are PS4 specific. Please translate to your platform as appropriate. When a race starts, get a boost by timing pressing forward and tapping X when the countdown ends. Continue to tap X often throughout the race and lean forward by pushing up on the stick in the direction of travel. Refresh your horse stamina often throughout the race
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