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Right now, whatever the ideas for the next DLC was, has for shure been changed, and the DLC is delayed for unknown time.

The western world is in more or less complete shotdown mode and that means games development aswell. Motion capture studios are shutdown and voice actors cant work.

Moust R* employees  works from home now but it is very limited to what they can do whitout the tools that are exlusivly at their office, plus R* are allso taking steps to remove the "crunsh" workstyle R* has been so infamously know for.


What we moust likely will see over the spring/summer are content that does not require motion capture, animation programming or voice actors, made by tools not limited to their office.

So pvp game modes and free roaming events and variations of exisiting clothing/items is going to be the dominant new content for the game this year. Even bughunting is questionable at this point since we dont know if the tools they use are office exlusive only. (when we recived the last bugfix, C19 had not even reached u.s.a)

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On 5/1/2020 at 6:15 PM, Therealmccoy said:

Was wondering if anybody knew what might actually be in the next update. Also does anybody think there’s a chance we ever get new holster positions and draws?

The fact is that nobody knows for sure.  R* is famous for being tight lipped about such things until the eleventh hour.

As far as the lockdown having such dramatic effects, that really depends. There are other game companies still developing new games and new content, updates and bug fixes without skipping a beat it seems.  .......all while their employees are working from home.  

What we do know for sure is that R* is still doing their weekly bonuses, discounts, PvP mode changes, etc. every Tuesday which gets posted in the Online forum.  Here is statement R* released in March so beyond this is speculation:

A Message from Rockstar Games

March 17, 2020

A Message from Rockstar Games:

As we mentioned recently on Twitter, we are doing everything we can to ensure that our games are up and running for you as we are now all spending a little extra time at home. To that end, we will be maintaining our regularly weekly programming schedule, but stay tuned for more events and activities inside GTA Online and Red Dead Online to help keep things fresh and fun for our community. We wish our players and their families the best of health, and thanks again for your support – The Rockstar Games Team

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