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I played Red Dead 1 some, I never finished it. But I thought it was good. I just got RDR2 for PS4 and thought I'd give it a try. Maybe I'm missing something, but it's extremely frustrating. Quests don't seem to be easily reviewed. I got trapped looking at a ledger that can't be exited. I hear people screaming for help and never see them. I drove a wagon to town, apparently they left me in town so I had to run back to camp. I barely escaped death fighting a grizzly, then while returning with a "legendary" hide, I get thrown from the horse, die, and lose it. No reload, just gone. 

So much of this game is amazing. It's just little things that make it unlikely I'll finish it either, and if there's a "3", I'm unlikely to try it.

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A few points here, and hopefully your understanding and enjoyment of the game will grow over time.  Yes, there's a few annoyances that we all find, but the positives the game brings you tend to outweigh the negatives.

  • You can review current quests by looking in your log (tap left on the dpad).  Navigating through these screens will update you on the current progress/requirements for your current tasks.  More tasks will appear as you unlock them, tasks will disappear once they're completed.  You can also review your overall progess in the pause menu.
  • There should be a command for exiting the journal view.  I've not heard of anyone else being stuck here on the console version.
  • Running from Valentine to the camp doesn't take that long (I'm guessing this kind of thing did happen back then).  There's also nothing to stop you from stealing a horse and riding that back to camp.
  • Animals will attack you on occasion, and spook your horse.  After a while, you'll learn how to react to these.
  • You can't lose a Legendary pelt once you have it.  If it does get lost, it will get transferred to the Trapper where it will be available for use.

If there's things you don't understand, then please go ahead and ask.  There's many other walkthroughs and resources out there on the web, and hundreds of YouTubes.  Use these to help you get the best out of your game, or continue to explore it on your own terms.

Be prepared to get partway through the game and then restart it from scratch again, the game gets better the second or third time you play it when you learn the ideal balance between the story and environmental aspects of the game.

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