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Pelts keep getting stuck to horse

Pelt stuck to my horse guy


Hi guys so basically every time I get a pelt from any animal then camp to fast travel my pelts get stuck to my horse. I cant sell them to Pearson or anything it’s like they have disappeared but are still on my horse . 

Does anyone know how in the world to fix this it’s extremely frustrating I’ve spent all afternoon hunting and it’s completely pointless now.   

Ive also gone on YouTube to see if anyone has found the fix and they have but the problem is all the methods they use not only unstick the pelts form your horse but they get rid of them completely which is not helpful. 

So does anyone know a way to remove stuck pelts from my horse without, I repeat without  emphasizing on the word  Without. Getting rid of the pelts all together I’ve spent hours hunting and I really do not want to have to do it all again. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated . 

Also little side note it’s my first post on the forum so I apologies If this post isn’t  in the right place or anything like that.

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