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Train never stops in Riggs Station to ride it without fast travelling.

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When you're already on the train it stops in Riggs Station as in Valentine, Rodes or Saint Denis, but when I'm awaiting the train as stipulated in the in game time table, passes exactly at 1:00AM without stopping. Strangely enoug, another passes without stopping exacty at 2:00AM, both of them of passengers. Riggs Station is the nearest one from Beechers Hope, and not being able to take a train without the fast travel quite takes me out of the inmersion. Is this a bug or is sadly how the game is made?

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Well, I have been investigating and in fact trains do stop in the stations, but is completely randomized. Is quite possible that in a beginning the developers planned a regular service as stipulated in the in-game schedules, but for some reason it broke at some point even during the developement and it was never fixed as the impact in gameplay is minimal. You can wait in a station a entire in game day and no trains can pass, but in another station another day up to 4 trains can pass trough the station in an interval of 1 in game hours, and the last train of those can stop at the station, cargo or passenger, does not matter.


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A lot of people, including myself on the First 2 playthroughs, don't know that there is a sleeping bag set up next to where Uncle sleeps where John can sleep (before building the house) and if I remember correctly there is a table set up with the Fast Travel Map.

The one stupid thing about the house is the room where you change. At first you will see a shaving set up - but you can't use it...Yet.

However, A bit later you WILL be able to shave...but not in that exact spot. The spot that you will be able to shave at Is kitty-cornered from where the shaving kit is set up. But the really STUPID thing is that there is a beautiful copper tub in that room...but YOU CAN'T TAKE A BATH IN THE TUB IN YOUR OWN HOME. You still have to go to a Hotel for a bath.

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