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How to reload the carbine rifle?


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Bought the PC version on Sunday and have made it online ok but although I have purchase or obtained ammo through a catalog etc, I cannot figure out how to reload the rifle (carbine). I can reload the pistol just fine. Whats the procedure?


Noob (Grumple)


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Carbine Rifle is an assault rifle in GTA V. There are no rifles by that name in RDR2.

But there's no specific reloading "process" for any weapon in RDR2. Just press the reload button (Circle on PS4, not sure about PC) and it will be reloaded.

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Ok, so the letter "R" is the keyboard command to reload. But I guess I asked the wrong question to start with. You know how you LOOT people to get bullets and money etc and the bullets go into your remaining amount left stores page? How do I add purchased bullets to that page is the real question. It seems like when I bought 200 rounds of pistol ammo I was able to add it somehow but not the rifle. Is there a limit of ammo? I know you can only carry 200 rounds and it stops you from buying more. Maybe I bought too many pistol rounds?



Edit: I tried again what I thought I did before and the rounds showed up instantly. Got them from the General Store Catalog. And the gun I am using is called a Longhorn Carbine or something so it is a carbine. :)

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Keep in mind that the carbine repeater is not a rifle. There are repeaters like the carbine repeater or the Lancaster repeater,  and there are rifles like the rolling block or the bolt action. They are different types of guns that require different types of ammo.

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