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Incendiary Bottles and Ammos make game crash


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So Its like the 10th time if not more , that when i throw an incendiary bottle to  a player the game crashes , now it just happened with shotgun incendiary ammos. Its really ****ing annoying, almost everytime i attack  a player theres an issue. or he s bugged, or hes an hacker, or the game crash or i get disconnected. And its not only for me because i have  a posse and it happened to almost everyone. So i cannot use incendiary weapons anymore? thats ****ing bullsh*t. And idc if im being rude, im very tired by this goddamn game where the updates only give useless discounts and ugly clothing, and they dont fix any bug. And this is not the only bug, sometimes the camp doesnt work or it works but its empty, and i could go on for hours with all these bugs/glitches. makes the game unplayable and absolutely boring.

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