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Not getting paid doing bounties or trader deliveries.


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Just what the titles says. Not getting paid. I also can't sell collections through the mail to Madame Nazar. I figure I have lost out on about $1000 today! PLEASE FIX THE GLITCHES!!!


Playing on PS4

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20 minutes ago, Moogster66 said:


Hi @Moogster66 and welcome to the forums.

Just an FYI but RDR.org is in no way affiliated with R* or Take Two Interactive.  We are a fan site.  Having said that, perhaps other can chime in and give you some help or confirm they are having similar issues.  This may very well be a result of the new update and if it's widespread, it may end up being taken care of sooner rather than later.

You might also consider submitting a trouble ticket with R* Support here:  



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Yup, same here, can't sell collections to Madame Nazar in person or at post office (only individual items). Only get gold for bounties. Might well be getting the triple XP as R* promised for bounties but sadly triple zero is zero. Didn't try a trader delivery. Fortunately Nazar doesn't take your collections so nothing lost there. 

Typical R* release - break stuff that was working with patch release. Not sure why they needed to even touch the code of the stuff that's broken, it's not like they introduced that much new content. Amazed there were still animals in the world.

Gold payout for daily challenges is now half what it was as well as streaks being reset at 28 days. Probably what it should have been in the first place, and it wouldn't be that bad compared to the other means of getting gold but having had the feast of 0.5gb per challenge for so long it feels like a real loss.

The cynic in me would say the collections selling is broken on purpose so that people can't rank up the Outlaw Pass so fast as before. When its fixed we'll probably see a massive downgrade in xp payout for collections.

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1 hour ago, Moogster66 said:

Thanks for the replies guys! Sorry Kean_1, I was just hoping that someone from R* would see this. I'll try the support page. Thanks again!

No reason to be sorry. I was just pointing it out in case you thought this was an official R* site and might be awaiting a reply. 

This could be something simple they can fix on their end or perhaps with a small hotfix / download if its far reaching.   ......or maybe they already have by now as mentioned.  


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