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Difference between Toxic and just a good outlaw


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Hello all, New to forums and need some advice so as not to be considered toxic. I'm an older player that loves the game and am looking to fit in with the right posse or some day create one with like minded older players with high activity that have the same interests I have. I love all aspects of the game, the roles, missions, daily tasks and also helping other newer players too. One thing I also really love is the outlaw aspect of robbing trade wagons. Blowing up towns at random and being chased by the law. The basic question I have is, when you rob others wagons for materials, are you considered toxic, or is that just part of the game? After it is an outlaw game and those robbed don't lose their materials, just the current mission needs to be started over. Also play on PC and was wondering is there a thread just for those players. Thank you and Happy Trails.

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Hi @NYWardawg and welcome.

I generally consider "griefing" as unprovoked aggression intended to troll or cause grief to other players.  There are grey areas but in events and activities that invite other players participation (e.g. deliveries, etc.), that's an entirely different story.  These sorts of open activities are meant to encourage others to join in as adversaries.  Now, if these others players continue to hunt your down after the event is over, that's sort of crossing the line at that point.  

This is true for general interactions as well.  Players who continue to pester and go after others for no reason other than to cause frustration are trolling / griefing.  No doubt about that IMO and R* agrees.

If you're into blowing up towns, rousting NPCs and so on, I don't consider that being toxic.  .......but if your into blowing up a town and killing NPCs as well as fellow players minding their own business, yeah, that's obviously treading into troll territory IMO.


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