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Weapons Expert 10 was ... easy (spoilers maybe?)


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Spoilers if you don't want to know what Weapons Expert challenge #10 is, I guess.

But, anyway, I was needless to say a little bit, um ... horrified at the idea of taking on a Grizzly with just throwing knives, but the challenge wasn't going to complete itself. I found a Grizzly pretty easily and luckily came up on it from behind. Lucky me, right? Wrong. I crouched down and applied cover scent lotion in prep to plan out how I'm going take this thing on. The moment I applied the lotion, the Grizzly immediately does an about face, roars, and comes charging at me. In between that and me thinking "OMG I'M DEAD!", I manage to open my inventory and throw a knife.

Of course, you're probably assuming I got mauled to death, laughing and thinking "Haha, serves that butthole right!" But you'd be wrong, because the Grizzly dropped dead right there. One throwing knife. And it wasn't a poison throwing knife or even an improved one, just a basic one.

So how about that? 😐

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