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  1. I can't say exactly when, but it's right near the time the gang first enters the area but and after the fire.
  2. Right between the eyes? I used a poison knife for that challenge.
  3. I had trouble getting it too for a while. There always seemed to be too much activity. Try at different times of day and approaching the area from different directions.
  4. When I did it, it seemed like they had to be done in order. It's been a while though.
  5. Same here. I've never seen that option.
  6. I did that one from a hill overlooking Cornwall Kerosene. You can barely see the npc at 600 feet.
  7. I never knew Xbox had those stats Foxtrot. Curious about my hours now.
  8. I never knew you could find the robot and I'm in epilogue 1. Hopefully I can still go check it out.
  9. I thought of searching around there during the mission to rescue John, but haven't tried yet. I'd love to check that place out.
  10. In the settings, there is an option to reset to the defaults.
  11. It gets better once you get used to it. I did a ton of wrong things like you early on. Just take you time, explore and don't rush through the missions. Things get much easier with better stats and equipment.
  12. If you are talking about the final Bronte mission, I had a glitch in that one where an enemy in the house became invincible. We couldn't kill him and he couldn't kill us. I reloaded a previous save and it worked fine after that.
  13. Be sure to use a bow on the gators, or else you'll spook the parakeets.
  14. What is the best gun for this? Do you have to shoot all three birds with the same dead eye? I shot a heron using my scoped Varmint rifle and it didn't count.
  15. Thank you for this. I'm closing in on completing all of them. The "shoot three hats of enemies with the same deadeye" has been holding me up. I thought I did it, but it didn't register for some reason.
  16. Doh! I missed that somehow. Was there anything in the link of note that wasn't in the OP?
  17. There are also a rare Springfield and Double Barrel Shotgun. I remember the rare shotgun was hanging over a fireplace in some side mission.
  18. I always thought that you keep both. I open the weapon wheel, point to the Springfield, and then move the stick (Xbox 1) left or right to cycle between the two or three.
  19. I usually keep 5 saves at a time and save over the oldest one every major event and now and then afterwards. It saves a lot of headaches. Not sure what mortgage has to do with it.
  20. I don't have a solution, but you should definitely save more often. Especially if you are playing 12 hours a day and have a rogue cat. 12 hours a day?!?!?
  21. They are in some of the hotel rooms.
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