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  1. I've done the cougar one, but which category is the gators in?
  2. Ditto here. And as you are doing the challenge, you can pause it along the way to check how far you've dragged them so far. I started mine in a bad spot and got a wanted level so I kind of ran out of control. I hit the challenge just as I reached a cliff.
  3. I just started chapter 4, please use the "spoiler feature" if needed.
  4. Yeah. I like hitting "select" for the orbital view mode. You can get pics from pretty cool angles. It's useful for navigating cliffs too. You can get a view from above or a good ways away to find ways to climb around.
  5. Thanks Foxtrot. I did try it again last night and it worked as it was supposed to. Finally finished it up. My I love this game. That was the first minor glitch I've had, but everything else is great. My wife plays too so we have to split playing time. She's still in chapter 2 and it's kind of cool seeing the missions again months after I played them. You miss out on, or forget some of the dialogue sometimes.
  6. I'm on part 4 of this mission, but when I talk to the sheriff there is no sound. I can interact with the sheriff and and the options come up to question him, pay $100... but his mouth never moves and the is no sound. I tried every option to complete it, but after "talking" to him the only option left is to aim weapon. It never advances and I can't talk to him any further. Anyone have any ideas? Here is the mission: https://www.powerpyx.com/red-dead-redemption-2-the-mercies-of-knowledge-stranger-mission-walkthrough/
  7. My wife plays too and she finished the request tonight pretty quick. Shoot eagles, hawks... around because the carcasses attract rats.
  8. At camp, you add them to the horse from the trunk near your bed. With a saddlebag upgrade, you can hold up the 5 outfits.
  9. It's Fort Brenannd (I think it's called). A bit south west of Van Horn. Just stand on the upper catwalk in first person with the Varmint rifle and pick them of as they fly by. Mornings are best. There are snakes too, and rats come by to eat the carcasses.
  10. Just to follow up, I FINALLY got the perfect rat, cardinal and woodpecker tonight. I found a really great spot for birds and got several other types including some hawks,eagles, loons, cormorants, bluejays, robins, cardinals, woodpeckers...wish I found the spot earlier. I mailed in the 3 carcasses, and the perfect robin I got counts toward the next hunting request. Thanks guys.
  11. This is what made me wonder about keeping carcasses in the satchel, is it incorrect? https://www.powerpyx.com/red-dead-redemption-2-all-hunting-request-locations/ Glitch Warning (Quest not progressing): When completing a Hunting Request (when sending a mail to Ms. Hobbs), make sure you do not have any other perfect carcasses for the next hunting request in your inventory! Otherwise, the game might glitch out and never give you the follow-up quest, thus making it impossible to complete the hunting requests and thus the 100% completion! There’s yet another glitch; when you’ve already gotten a bigger carcass (rabbit, opossum, skunk, beaver) and you saved the game after, but reloaded the save, then the carcass can simply disappear and is no longer checked off in your quest log. It is therefore best to keep these animals for last or to do the entire request in one sitting with no reloads.
  12. Thanks, except for the John spoiler. 😟
  13. Cool! Will they count when/if I get a challenge that requires them or do I have to get them again? I don't want to hang on to them if they won't count, but it would be great if I could accumulate some of them.
  14. I'm on the hunting request where you need a perfect cardinal, rat and woodpecker. I've had the cardinal carcass for a long time and it's never rotted. Still trying for the rat and woodpecker. Meanwhile, I just got a perfect songbird and bluejay. I was hoping to hang on to them for future challenges, will they rot if I keep them even though I don't need them for a challenge yet?
  15. You just hit the start button. The option for camera mode will appear at the bottom right of the screen. I think you have to hit the select button to open it.
  16. If true (not doubting it is), that's a great tip.
  17. Sometimes they back off after a bit and back up to attack again. It's tough but you can sometimes still kill them. I finally got all 5 for the challenge, what a relief.
  18. It does make the tent seem cozy though. 🙂
  19. If you put your horse over it, wouldn't the horse likely step on it and ruin the pelt?
  20. Damn, that happened to me tonight too. I thought the poison arrows worked quicker. Guess I'll just shoot them with two if possible.
  21. I think so. There are so many things I know I will miss on my first play-through.
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