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  1. Maybe name it Egg McMuffin™ and it won't get blocked? 😃
  2. I found a Panther (and got killed 3 times 😒) just north of Catfish Jackson's house.
  3. Thanks, and good point. I'm hoping to have the Legends of the East soon, but those panthers... had me by the back of the neck before I even saw them three times. I was walking through the woods at night in the fog, and even taking 5 steps and checking all around me with eagle eye, they still snuck up. Scared the crap out of me every time.
  4. I'm currently using the provisions satchel and it's pretty filled up with cooked meat (10 of many types). If I switch to a different satchel like ingredients, do I lose meat when it goes from 10 spaces back down to 5?
  5. If you have Deer Trinket, it's not hard the get a 3 star from horseback with the varmint rifle.
  6. Does the horse bonding level drop after it's been in a stable for a while?
  7. Thank you, that's a relief. My heart sank when I message came up that said the carcass had rotted and I watched it fall off the horse in the middle of the road in Emerson. It wouldn't let me pick it up.
  8. This was strange. I got the legendary wolf today and picked up the pelt and put the carcass on my horse. I made a camp and fast traveled to Strawberry and went to the trapper. When I got near him, he mumbled something and just walked away as I approached. I had no bounty at the time. So I made another camp and fast traveled traveled to Emerald Ranch to try that trapper location. I get there and the guy isn't there and a popup asks to "wait until morning". I did that, but by then the legendary carcass had rotted and fell off the horse. I sold him the pelt, but what do I lose out on by not having the carcass?
  9. I'm on Xbox and when I open my journal, it's just notes and drawings that Arthur made. No where to buy ammo there. I've never seen a lock box at camp either, just the chest at the foot of the bed for changing clothes. I'm in chapter 3 if that matters.
  10. So just buy off the shelf instead of using the catalogue in the store, or do you mean the ledger at the camp?
  11. How do you restock from the post office? I've never seen this option. I've never seen a "lock box" in camp either. I'm in chapter 3.
  12. I was using a pistol. I did get it to work right last night finally. Thanks though.
  13. I just got to chapter 3 and have the dead eye that let's you mark the red x's on targets. I can't seem to rapid fire my shots after marking them. I've pushed right trigger (on Xbox) and they don't all fire. Any tips?
  14. Did you end up selling it? What did you get from it?
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