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  1. I tamed a Thoroughbred tonight and tried to sell it at the stable near Strawberry, but he would only pay $5. After riding to the horse fence (getting level 2 bonding on the way) I sold it for $15. Does bonding increase the value or is it just because I went to the horse fence instead of the stable.
  2. I manually save after getting hard to get pelts or completing other difficult things. Save yourself the aggravation.
  3. Wow, I've seen that sign but never noticed the name. Maybe Ms. Grimshaw mentions her father was a pastor at some point?
  4. I saw that it was available now and it looks cool, but the stats on it don't look any better than the carbine repeater. The Litchfield is still locked though. Anyone know how to unlock or get that one?
  5. You can use the money to buy camp upgrades and resupply ammo and medicine.
  6. I'm in chapter 4 and have never seen it available. It's probably been a bit since I checked though. I'll look Friday night.
  7. Thanks for the follow up, I wasn't sure either. And welcome to the forum.
  8. A bow with small game arrows works good too (without spooking them). ETA: Use dead-eye too and try for head shots.
  9. Take your time with the story missions! There are so many other things to do that kind of help you explore new areas. Things like hunting requests, dinosaur bones, dream-catchers, challenges...
  10. It seems like the stories are different in each of them. Usually articles about robberies, missions or such that you've done.
  11. And use cover scent tonic too.
  12. Thanks for the subtle tip, luckily she went through it pretty good.
  13. You've shown great restraint sir.
  14. The spot I mentioned above (Fort Brenand) has a lot of them flying over. You can get all the needed birds there.
  15. Thanks. It's a very strange ending to that one then.
  16. No spoilers please! My wife completed the rock carving mission and sent them all in. I haven't completed it yet. After going to the house Francis mailed her about and the woman with the baby the cut-scene ended. But there seems to be more to it. Without spoilers, did she miss doing something or is there more to come?
  17. Opossum can be found at night in the same general area as the cougars.
  18. You have to sell the legendary pelts to the trapper.
  19. You can switch at any stable, or at the horse station at camp if you've bought it.
  20. Yeah, I think I just kind of forgot about it. I may have it completed already. I'm in chapter four so I can't get to Blackwater for challenge 10 yet I think.
  21. Oh yeah, I forgot about that one and I'm on in now (I think I haven't competed it yet).
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